BullionsChain Exchange

Inspired by projects such as Yield.Finance with a mixture of Binance, Huobi along with other Cryptocurrency Exchanges

BullionsChain was designed to create a community driven exchange token with daily rewards for being a part of the success of the exchange. Become involved in growing BullionsChain network as well as being rewarded with dividends through your participation in the form of giveaways and other competitions

BLC Rewards

BLC acts as the bridge-exchange token of the BullionsChain ecosystem, Community participation will give out dividends as rewards for staking into one of the various farms which are releasing on the 14th October

For the initial "14 days of the tokens staking", stakers will receive 0.01 BCG per 100 BLC staked as daily dividend rewards sent to their wallet using the smart contract system

Reduction in trade fees on the exchange

Exclusive airdrops of future precious metals launched on the exchange

Community governance on future exchange listings

Reduced withdrawal fees by using BLC

Access to exclusive trade information

Distribution of BLC/BCG

Total Supply: 2,500,000 BLC with no ability to be increased, only deflating supply by burns carried out as a result of trade fees being used to purchase BLC and removed from the supply which will create further scarcity

1000 BCG Initial Supply, this will be increased as per additional Gold being minted onto the blockchain

75,000 BLC sold in pre-sales at $0.75 each

100,000 BLC (VinDAX IEO Round 1) [$1.25 per BLC) - Finished 22/09/2020

100,000 BLC (VinDAX IEO Round 2) [$1.50 per BLC) - 27/09/2020 - 29/09/2020

350,000 BLC Airdrop via CCTIP bot

250,000 BLC to be used in marketing campaigns throughout 2020 and 2021 to gain further exposure

125,000 BLC reserved for Team Members

Remainder to be held for future reserves